Sunday, May 07, 2006

Storms...and Snow?

More mentions of snow in the area forecast discussions this afternoon. Sounds like the best chances will be across northeastern Wisconsin and the Upper Peninsula of Michigan on Thursday or Friday. The Green Bay weather office introduced a chance of snow showers into their forecasts for this time period, as did the Marquette, MI office. The Green Bay and Marquette forecasters made reference to a snowstorm in that region on May 10, 1990. Not sure how significant it was in Wisconsin, but 22.4 inches fell in Marquette. Don't think anyplace will see that much, but it looks like this will be an interesting system. In the meantime, thunderstorms appear likely for Monday night through early Tuesday, but nothing severe expected. Good thing too, since the La Crosse doppler radar will be down this week for some scheduled upgrades. Can't figure out why they scheduled such a thing for this time of year, when severe weather can happen at any time, but maybe they didn't get to decide when the work would take place. These upgrades should definitely be beneficial though.


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