Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Subzero, finally

The temperature went subzero for the first time this winter season (and for the first time since last February) this morning, with a low of -9 degrees. Clear skies and fresh snow cover made this possible, and I expect the temperature to drop below zero again tonight, despite what the forecast says. Just like the last day of a heat wave is usually the hottest day during the summer (and almost always hotter than forecast), the last day of a cold snap is usually the coldest (and again, almost always colder than forecast). I have no idea why this is. Anyway, with clear skies, the temperature should drop off fairly rapidly after sunset.

As for the snowstorm, accumulations were less than expected in most places, with a general three to six inches falling from late Sunday through Monday (4.3 inches locally). The next chance for snow is Thursday, with the possibility of a stronger system by early next week (still six to seven days away, so don't get too excited yet).


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