Wednesday, August 22, 2007

More Storms, More Flooding

Severe thunderstorms moved across Vernon County early this morning, causing some widespread wind damage and more flooding. Rainfall amounts were less this time, generally one to three inches, but rainfall rates were higher, and in some places water levels were higher than they were Saturday night. The Kickapoo River at La Farge rose quickly from a level of about 6 feet to 11.4 feet overnight, and has since fallen to about 10.8 feet. There were more washouts on area roads due to the rapid runoff. The ground is fully saturated, and cannot possibly handle any more moisture. More storms and heavy rain are in the forecast for tonight through Thursday night. Storms have already developed over western Iowa, and I'm watching these closely to see if they approach southwestern Wisconsin this afternoon. A flash flood watch is in effect through tomorrow morning.

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