Monday, June 05, 2006

Changes Ahead

The weather lately has been very tranquil (and somewhat boring), with warm days, cool nights, and no rain. That should be changing soon. Scattered thunderstorms over Minnesota are moving east and southeast toward Wisconsin, and if they hold together they should arrive sometime overnight. The biggest threat should be heavy rain, but there is a remote possibility of an isolated large hail report or two. Better chances of severe weather tomorrow, but it will be highly dependent on how much cloudiness there is tomorrow morning. Fewer clouds = better severe chances.

After this system moves out, it should quiet down again for a few days, but storm chances will return by the weekend. A very summer-like weather pattern could set up, with thunderstorm complexes developing over the Dakotas and Minnesota during the evening, then propagating west and southwest across Wisconsin at night. Still far from certain though. But is the weather ever certain?


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