Friday, March 30, 2007

Storms tomorrow

After rain this morning, the rest of the day has been just cool and cloudy. More rain is coming though, especially tomorrow. There could be periods of heavy rain, mainly later tomorrow, and possibly a few severe storms. The severe weather threat is highly conditional. The location of the dry slot with this system will be the key. (A "dry slot" is a large area of dry air being wrapped into a storm system; these meteorologists can be quite clever when they name these features). Skies could become partly to mostly sunny under the dry slot, which would increase the instability and therefore enhance the severe weather threat. If skies remain cloudy, the chance of severe weather will be greatly diminished, and any severe storms would be more isolated. There will also be a warm front in the area, and those can be quite unpredictable. It will be an interesting day.

More rain will be likely early next week as another strong storm moves through. Some much colder air will move in behind this particular system, bringing a chance of snow as well. Temperatures are expected to be below normal for at least the first half of April, unfortunately.

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