Thursday, June 08, 2006

June 6, 2006 Tornadoes

Thunderstorms that developed over western Wisconsin on Tuesday afternoon became severe as they headed eastward, spawning three tornadoes in the process. An F1 tornado moved southeast along a 16-mile path in Columbia County, and two F0 tornadoes briefly touched down in Iowa County, one south of Spring Green and another just west of Barneveld (no doubt bringing back some bad memories to residents there, especially just two days before the anniversary of the F5 tornado that destroyed that town). All three tornadoes affected rural areas, and the most significant damage was to mobile homes. More information from the National Weather Service at this link:

That brings the 2006 Wisconsin tornado count to 4, which is a little quiet for this time of the season. Most of the severe weather this season has been fairly isolated. The only widespread event was the April 13th hailstorm in the southern part of the state. No severe weather is expected for the next several days.


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