Friday, July 28, 2006

Hot Again

The second heat wave of the month has begun, and should last for several days. Temperatures have actually been 90 degrees or above since Monday, but reached the mid-90s today as dewpoints rose into the lower 70s. Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday should be the hottest days, with temperatures approaching 100 degrees. It will be more humid during this heat wave than the one earlier in the month, so heat indices will be higher, making it feel much more uncomfortable. A heat advisory will likely be issued for the area by Sunday.

There is an outside chance for some storms tomorrow, but the best chances will remain far to the north. One or more rounds of severe thunderstorms will affect much of northern Wisconsin, with a chance for damaging winds. If anything, debris cloudiness from these storms could keep temperatures slightly lower tomorrow (lower 90s instead of mid 90s). Many parts of the state have seen significant rainfall this week, but not here. A whopping three-hundredths of an inch fell in my rain gauge on Tuesday, and that was all. Stationary thunderstorms brought three to five inches of rain to Madison yesterday, causing quite a bit of damage. There was some flooding in the University of Wisconsin campus buildings, but fortunately it was in all of the buildings that I didn't like while I was there (the Computer Sciences building can float away, for all I care). :) After tomorrow's slight rain chances, the best chance for any significant rainfall, which is still badly needed in some places, will come late Tuesday into Wednesday of next week. Until then--hot.


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