Thursday, July 13, 2006

Heating Up

After several relatively inactive weather days, changes loom on the horizon. The first real heat wave of the season is expected to develop across the region beginning tomorrow. A ridge of high pressure will build across the Upper Midwest, and will produce some very hot temperatures. High temperatures in the lower to middle 90s are expected Friday, and the mercury may approach 100 degrees on Saturday and possibly Sunday. A cold front may try to sweep through early next week, knocking temps back into the more seasonable 80s. In the meantime, expect some very hot and humid conditions. Heat index values could approach 110 degrees on Saturday afternoon, which is far into the danger category. This would definitely be a good weekend to stay inside in front of the air conditioner.

If we do manage to hit the 100-degree mark, it would be the first time in five years it has been that warm. The last 100-degree reading in La Farge (at least by my thermometer) was on July 31st, 2001. In July of 1999, the high temperature exceeded 100 degrees three times (101 on the 23rd, 102 on the 25th, and 101 on the 30th). The warmest temperature of 2006 so far has been 93 degrees on May 29th, and we will likely exceed this sometime this weekend.

Warmest temperatures for the last few years:
2005: 98 degrees (July 17th)
2004: 92 degrees (August 3rd)
2003: 99 degrees (August 16th & 20th)
2002: 96 degrees (July 21st)
2001: 100 degrees (July 31st)
2000: 93 degrees (August 31st)
1999: 102 degrees (July 25th)
1998: 97 degrees (July 13th)
1997: 96 degrees (July 26th)

Tomorrow I'll discuss the developing drought situation, which will only be made worse by this weekend's heat.


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