Saturday, April 07, 2007

Snow again?

It is appearing increasingly likely that a late-season winter storm is taking aim on the region for Tuesday and Wednesday. There is still some uncertainty, but it looks like accumulating snow will occur, especially Tuesday night through Wednesday as a potent storm system passes by to the south. Too early to make any prediction on accumulations, as the exact track of the storm will have a significant impact on that. Dry air ahead of the storm (currently in place) and a relatively warm ground will also impact snowfall totals. A few days ago this was looking to be a mostly rain event, but now it looks like it should be mostly, if not all, snow. Need to watch this one carefully during the next few days. The forecast can (and will) change between now and the time the storm arrives, so we could still end up getting nothing, but at this time accumulating snow is a pretty safe bet. Ironically, this coming week is Severe Weather Awareness Week. By contrast, during Winter Weather Awareness Week in November of 2005, there was severe weather in parts of the region.

Was it really only two weeks ago that we had record highs???



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