Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Stormy Weekend?

The weather pattern is about to become a bit more snarky the next several days. A frontal boundary is expected to be located across the area starting late tomorrow. Several pieces of energy are forecast to move along this boundary, and each will bring a chance for showers and thunderstorms. This is where it gets interesting.

The exact timing of these thunderstorm complexes is uncertain, and this will determine how warm it gets each day. During this type of pattern, the best storm chances are in the late afternoon, continuing into the overnight hours. Depending on how quickly these storms move out the following morning, it could get quite hot over the weekend. If skies remain mostly clear during the day, temperatures in the 90s will be likely. If there are more debris clouds hanging around, highs in the lower 80s will be more common. According to the National Weather Service, there will also be chances for severe thunderstorms and heavy rainfall, especially Friday night and Saturday night.

This is a very summerlike weather pattern but the details are highly uncertain at this point, hence the "snarky" comment at the beginning. Hopefully these details can be ironed out in the next few days. Nonetheless, it could be a rather stormy weekend.


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