Friday, June 16, 2006


Still a lot of uncertainty in the forecast for the weekend. There is a chance for thunderstorms tonight, but it is looking more and more like most of this activity will remain to our north and west, and I wouldn't be surprised if we stay completely dry here. Thunderstorms are likely later tomorrow afternoon and evening, and there is a slight risk of severe storms, but this will be highly dependent on how much sun we get tomorrow. Debris cloudiness from tonight's storms may linger across the area, and this will limit the instability. If we can get even an hour or two of sun, however, the severe weather risk will be greater. If storms do develop, they will likely produce heavy rainfall as well. In fact, there are numerous flash flood warnings in effect for counties in central and southern Minnesota in association with tonight's storms. Temperatures will also be highly contingent on the clouds. If there is enough sunshine, the mercury will likely approach (and possibly exceed) 90 degrees tomorrow. Overall, the forecast remains highly uncertain, with a high 'bust' potential. Oh, the joys of summer weather forecasting...


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